What we do and why...

Choices exists to empower, equip and educate individuals to make informed life choices.

Our desire is:

  • To provide positive alternative choices to abortion, with the specific goal of preserving the lives of the unborn; to promote the desire to make independent and informed life choices with full understanding.
  • To offer hope to those who have been adversely impacted by an unplanned pregnancy or abortion
  • To heighten awareness of the sanctity of human life and the benefits of sexual abstinence outside of marriage
  • To form alliances with the life-affirming community in order to save future generations
  • To challenge the church to join us at the forefront of the battle, to restore the sanctity of human life
  • To operate with the highest standards of integrity, thereby honoring Jesus Christ and loving others as He first loved us.

Why are we here? What difference does it make? It's a fair question. Before sending one-dollar of financial support, or before volunteering, you need to know what kind of ministry we are. So, with just a few answers to that question, we thought you should know: Why we are here... 

We are here, because it is not enough to talk about problems in society such as out of wedlock births. Instead, we must pull together in faith to show that there is truly a more excellent way. 

And we are here, because the answer to the needs of a hurting world is in the person of Jesus Christ. We present Him in love, knowing that He is the hope that those who come in our door need more than anything else. 

We will operate with the utmost standards of integrity in order to uphold the name of Jesus Christ and to love others as He has first loved us. 

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2020 "Night for Life" Virtual Banquet
Thursday - November 12th

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Watch for the opening of our new South Side Clinic...
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