An unplanned pregnancy can be emotionally devastating. Caught up in the fear and pain, a young woman might see abortion as her only answer. We believe abortion is not a solution –that both the baby’s and the mother’s life are precious to God. At this crucial time, we provide factual information, as well as emotional and material assistance. When a young woman or girl thinks she may be pregnant she may come to Choices for a free pregnancy test. She meets one-on-one with a trained lay counselor who helps her to look at all of her options. We provide life choices and commit to helping the young woman through the difficult times she will face. Choices Pregnancy Services does not perform or refer for abortion.

Medical Services: Choices has a Medical Director (off site) and a registered nurse (on site) to offer limited ultrasound services to abortion minded clients, with the help of a sonographer. This is a valuable tool to use alongside our counseling services to help a woman “have a window to her womb,” and to see the life that God has created inside her. After the ultrasound the patient is then referred to her own physician or referred to a life affirming physician on our resource list for follow up prenatal care. We also offer STD testing and treatment for men and women.

Sexual Integrity: This program is offered one-on-one to any client, especially those who come in and have a negative pregnancy test, or who have had a baby and want to learn about making a change from a sexual past. It incorporates teaching them about who God wants them to be as young women and encourages secondary virginity. This is also an excellent program for a young teen who is not yet sexually active, but is feeling pressured to get into a sexual relationship.

Earn While You Learn: “How do I provide for my child? What is parenting all about? What will pregnancy be like for me? How will I handle this with going to school or on the job?” Questions such as these are addressed as young women earn material items each time they meet with one of our counselors. The sessions include time to talk, DVD's, worksheets, homework, etc. For every visit, she earns items from our baby boutique. (Many churches have baby showers to provide new baby outfits, equipment or diapers)

Adoption: Adoption is a difficult decision to make. When a young woman is considering adoption, she receives in-depth counseling to help her be sure of her decision. We refer her to an adoption agency to complete the process and she also receives post adoption counseling to help ease her through the emotional difficulties that may follow. We act as an advocate for the birth mother, helping her each step of the way. We are not an adoption agency and receive no compensations for our services. Yet, each time young mother makes the heart-rending choice to give her child a better life through adoption, we are rewarded with blessings beyond measure. Just knowing a childless couple will have a family, and a child will have both a mommy and daddy to love them is a cause for rejoicing.

Post Abortion Counseling: One out of four women in the United States under the age of 45 is post abortive. Many of them are sitting in your church pews and have never shared this “secret sin” with anyone. Few can walk away from an abortion experience unscathed. It was supposed to be a quick fix, but now five, ten, fifteen or more years have passed and the memories still will not go away. Most women had no idea how the “choice” they made (or someone else made for them) would affect them. We offer a confidential, non-judgmental place where women can begin the healing process. Using a biblically sound study called Forgiven and Set Free, women can meet one-on-one with a lay counselor, or together with other women in a group. By bringing the broken places of their lives to the surface, God can restore and make strong, hurting hearts.

REAL CHOICES: Our abstinence program goes into our local schools free of charge and is also available to come to your youth group. We teach from the Biblical perspective, which states, sex is worth waiting for till you get married and that each person is worth waiting for! See www.realchoiceseducation.org for more information!

There are many ways both men and women can help at Choices Pregnancy Services If you wish to contact us online you can e-mail us directly at
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