Be involved. Say yes to life.

How Churches Can Get Involved

As Christians we know that every human life is a gift from God.  But sadly when women face unplanned pregnancies, abortion often seems like the only solution. 

Your church can help women and men learn the truth, and find help & hope for what they are facing, when you partner with Choices Pregnancy Services. Church partnership helps promote the sanctity of human life in the community, giving a voice to the voiceless, and sharing the unconditional love of Christ to women, and men, in need.

We are so grateful for the various local churches who have designated Choices as a local mission. We are equally thankful for the faithful monthly financial support that we receive from our local churches in support of the work that we do. We are honored to be able to minister and share the hope, grace and love of Christ to those facing an unplanned pregnancy decision.

How Choices Can Partner with You!

Host A Baby Shower

Consider hosting a baby shower event at your church to collect new baby items that are needed in our baby boutique. These tangible gifts are given to moms who have chosen life to provide them the material support they need for their babies.

Your Loose Change Changes Lives

Introduce Choices to your church family by participating in our Baby Bottle Campaign. We will provide you with the baby bottles & support needed to distribute the bottles to individuals within your congregation. They would then fill the baby bottle with loose change, cash, or a check. At the end of one month, bottles are returned to a designated area in your church and we will work with you to collect the bottles. For more information contact Susie Driscoll at

Consider Donating Your Time

Prayerfully consider donating your time at Choices. You can commit to volunteering for as little as a few hours each week. For more information on volunteering, contact us at

Become A Prayer Partner

Become a prayer partner by committing to intercessory prayer; receiving “knee mails” for special requests and committing to pray for staff and volunteers.

Refer Women in Need

When a woman reaches out to your church for counsel, refer her to Choices. Whether she’s facing a crisis pregnancy or seeking counsel for a past abortion, Choices offers support in a Christ-Centered environment. Our goal is to show her the love, forgiveness and freedom found in Christ to help her with what she’s facing. Share our number: text number (412) 444-7696 and  phone number (412) 264-0200.

Promote healthy relationships and Abstinence Education

The Real Choices program can help promote practical information regarding healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, decision making skills, and why waiting for sex until marriage is 100% the best practice for physical, emotional and spiritual health! The Real Choices program combines Biblical truth about God’s design for sex and relationships and the consequences that can occur with being sexually active outside of a marriage relationship. For more information regarding this program, contact Traci Johnsen at

Invite us to speak

Invite us to speak. Celebrate the value of EVERY human life, anytime. We can give a broad brush overview of the ministry in about 3-5 minutes from the pulpit or be available for Sunday School or Mission Moments. To invite Choices to your church, contact keri at

A Special Thanks To All Our Local Church Partners!  We appreciate and value your support, encouragement and prayers!

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