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Parent University


Pregnancy and parenting is filled with lots of uncertainty. This program helps to answer many of the questions that clients have and ease their anxiety. Traditionally, classes take place at one of the clinics with a client advocate.  With each lesson that clients complete, they earn baby supplies and other materials free of charge.

With current COVID-19 restrictions, we are overjoyed to say that we can still meet the needs of our clients with virtual classes and home delivery of supplies.  



Man2Man is a program where men mentor young men and new fathers with Biblical principles, friendship, and practical help.

Healing Choices


Healing Choices is an abortion recovery support group and Bible study helping to heal the pain of those who have chosen abortion. It is offered multiple times a year and open to anyone who has had an abortion.

Real Choices


Our educational outreach program offers medically factual statistics, credible scientific research, powerful personal testimony, and engaging activities designed to empower teens to choose abstinence and the best way to achieve their goals, protect their futures, and reach their full potential. For more information, visit

Diapers for a Year


This program offers on-going support to clients & their babies by providing parenting classes, diapers, and wipes for the baby’s first year. This saves new parents nearly $1000!. Participants of the program can be the mother and/or father of the baby.  When possible, participation by both parents is encouraged.

Diaper Outreach


During this time of COVID-19, Choices has been reaching out to local communities and offering free diapers and wipes to anyone in need.  We have been partnering with other community organizations and churches who are providing free food or meals.

Making Life Disciples and Embrace Grace

Connecting Women from Choices to the Church

The courts can make abortion illegal but only God, primarily through His church, can make abortion unthinkable.  Yet, according to data from The Guttmacher Institute, 54% of women who have abortions identify themselves as Christians.  Our research found that four in 10 women who have abortions were attending church for at least once a month at the time of their first abortion.

Making Life Disciples

Making Life Disciples is a ministry on-ramp that the church can use to reach women and men facing unplanned pregnancies.  It’s a practical ministry response to the abortion crisis that equips the church to lead with credibility and love; it’s not about politics.

This self-paced option is designed for individual learners and those that want to review the content of Making Life Disciples.  These sixteen 30-minute lessons will equip you to:

  • Watch for and reach the abortion-vulnerable in the church.
  • Build better bridges between Choices and local church discipleship.

Embrace Grace

Discover Your Church’s Part in Saving Lives

Put your pro-love passion into action by starting an Embrace Grace, Incorporated support group at your church.  With the Embrace Grace curriculum and group support team, we set you up for success by giving you the tools you need to start a group that will help women with unplanned pregnancies or young single moms find a place of belonging in your church.

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